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William Plank

Posted by on July 10, 2014

“Whilst working at the residential home I used to work at in Hove, every Thursday Sarah used to come play her violin for the residents. Coming from a voilin background when I was younger whilst playing in Junior School – I wasn’t the only one who loved her music.
Every time she used to visit, the residents would always look forward to her beautiful playing and were always excited to see her. She would put a smile on everyones face and even make the residents dance whilst playing – it was amazing to see them so happy and content with such a beautiful instrument and such a beautiful voilinist.

Sarah was such a credit to our home and always made me excited for working on a Thursday due to our shared love of the Sound of Music. (Which I always made her play!) One of our residents who would usually sit in a chair would sometimes enjoy it so much that he would stand up from his seat, shout and dance in a circle in the middle of the room and another would constantly be smiling and waving her arms around, purely because of how energetic and brilliant Sarah was.

Sarah would always bring such delightful music to the home and was also an amazing friend to work with. Seeing her do something she loved whilst making our residents so happy would just make my Thursday morning.”

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